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Growin’ Up Too Fast review

Nazareth are simply Nazareth! Not HM, Pop Rock, Wimphem, Black Metal or any other convenient category; ‘indefinably excellent’ is the only tag suitable for them, and in the best of creative traditions, their rhythm giutarist Billy Rankin’s debut solo album equally resists being stuck with one label or another. All you can say is that he has produced an album of great music and one that earns Kerrang! acolades with ease.

Shouldn’t that be enough?! And if such a recommendation doesn’t cut your particular ice, I’ll admit that there are touches of another Billy contained herein, and that the supposed teen idol of US Rock, Mr Squier, can take a bow for providing a certain musical inspiration.

What’s exciting about Mr Rankin’s release, however, is that his brand of music draws on traditional American rock, though not to the exclusion of modern, nay futuristic sounds! The production on ‘Growin’…’ is squeaky-clean enough to match the chrome ‘n’ steel of a Pete Murphy Maxell ad and, while this would induce mind-numbing sterility, Rankin’ Billy turns it to his advantage, the metronomic drum force seducing the ears rather than switching them off. Thwere are plenty of mouth-watering moments, moments to caress the palate of any bona fide rock fan. If you like your music raunchy then the sassy swagger of ‘Baby’s Got A Gun’ gives you plenty to chew on, but, if you prefer to tap your feet and not mess up your hair, then ‘Where Are You Now?’ fits the bill. Is your mood more poppy? Then tune in to ‘Think I’m In Love’ and ‘Never In A Million Years’ for complete satisfaction. Billy;’s voice is a perfect foil for his material, smoother than a Phillips Ladyshave and as diametrically opposed to Dan Mccafferty’s abrasive edge as Lemmy is to Stanley in the ‘Male Pin-up’ stakes! Was it Revels who coined the phrase ‘there’s bags more for everyone’? Well, here’s the vinyl equivalent….. and I never got tired of Revels either!


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