Official website the ex Nazareth guitarist and Rock Radio host

Rock Radio

At the end of 2007 Billy gets a call from Real Radio boss Jay Crawford, who got his number from ex-Clyde DJ Tom Russell. Billy thinks he’s going to get a long-loaned tenner back, but it’s worse: Jay wants him to become a presenter on Rock Radio.

Starting with an evening show he graduates quickly to the brekafast show, first with co-host Willie Docherty then flying solo. For the next four years rock fans across Scotland wake up to Billy’s choice (sometimes) of songs, banter and spoof tracks.

In October 2011 the station’s owners decide to rebrand Rock Radio, and rebrand Billy at the same time to “ex DJ”.

That leads to the November publication of Billy Rankin’s School of Rock, his first book, based on anecdotes of his own and of others he discussed with listeners on air.

Part 1: Early days | Part 2: Nazareth | Part 3: Solo | Part 4: Nazareth again


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